Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector

SLA Repository

Trusted providers committed to greater transparency in cloud services

The SLA Repository provides you with a list of Cloud Service Providers that have carried out a self-assessment on their own SLAs based on the SLA-Ready Common Reference Model. Use our repository to find out how well these providers are aligned to our reference model which provides 30 essential elements that you should find in any cloud SLA.

From data protection and service credit, to Service Level Objectives and security, find out more about the SLA Common Reference model here.

You can also access further information about the providers and their services. Remember, all providers listed are committed to being transparent in their SLAs and to providing greater trust in cloud computing.

The SLA Repository is part of the SLA-Ready drive towards increasing transparency in Cloud SLAs, thus building customer trust.

We invite CSPs to be part of repository easly respond to a simple questionnaire to assess the relative importance of each Common Reference Model element.


CSP STS Specialized Techncial Services T-Systems International GmbH Wellness Telecom S.L. Wipro Zscaler
SLA URL Link Link Link
Findable Homepage link External search engine
Choice of law Yes Yes No Yes No
Roles and responsabilities Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Cloud SLA definitions Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Revision date No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Update Frequency No No No Yes No
Previous versions and revisions No Yes No Yes No
SLA duration Yes Yes Yes No Yes
SLA language No Yes No No No
Machine-readable format No Yes Yes No No
Nr. of pages 3 32 6 3 2
Contact details Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Contact availability Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Service Credit Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Service credits assignment No Yes Yes No Yes
Maximum service credits No Yes Yes No Yes
SLA change notifications Yes Yes Yes No No
Unilateral change No Yes Yes No No
Service Levels reporting No No No Yes Yes
Service Levels continuous reporting Yes No No No No
Feasibility of specials & customisations No Yes Yes No Yes
General Carveouts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Specified SLO metrics Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
General SLOs Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cloud Service Performance SLOs Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Service Reliability SLOs Yes Yes Yes No No
Data Management SLOs No No No No No
Security SLOs Yes No No No No
Personal Data Protection SLOs No Yes No No No